Fresh Tea $4.60

We only use high-quality dried tea leaves to produce fresh and delicious fresh tea. You can smell the tea leaves aroma while enjoying the tea. This product will boost your mood before doing the morning routine.

Black Tea
Oolong Tea
Green Tea

Flavored Tea $5.60

What do you think about combining a bit of the characteristic bitterness of tea with the cool, aromatic sweetness of fruit? Try a refreshing, refreshing flavored tea for hot or tired days

*Recommend Green Tea. Also available with Black Tea and Hot Drink

Kumquat Lemonade Ice Tea
Kumquat Ice
Top Fruit Tea
Peach Tea G/B
Passion Fruit Tea G/B
Mango Tea G/B
Lychee Tea G/B
Honey Tea G/B
Kiwi Tea G/B
Wintermelon Tea
Wintermelon Green Tea
Dragon Fruit Tea
Dragon Fruit Plum Tea
Crazy Drink
Apple Blueberry

Fruit Juice $6.05

Good for health, delicious taste, and is very refreshing. It is not difficult to explain why fresh juice is always a very popular choice.

Strawberry Honey Dew
Passion Fruit
Strawberry Lemonade
Dragon Fruit
Lychee Butterfly

Milk Tea $5.75

Sweet, full of milk, fragrant with the smell of tea. The two flavors of tea and milk together create a wonderful drink, bringing an irresistible attraction to anyone, from children to adults.

Signature Milk Tea
Jasmine Milk Tea
Oolong Milk Tea
Coffe Milk Tea
Matcha Milk Tea
Chocolate Milk Tea
Taro Milk Tea
Honey Milk Tea
Strawberry Milk Tea
Lychee Milk Tea
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Wintermelon Green Milk Tea
Peach Milk Tea
Mango Milk Tea
Passion Fruit Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk Tea
Hazelnut Milk Tea
Vanilla Milk Tea
Caramel Black Milk Tea
Toffee Candy Milk Tea
Thai Tea
Coconut Butterfly
Pink Sakura
Brown Sugar
Milk Tea
Water Base/Tea

Latte $5.65

Is a cup of Latte warm, sweet, and pretty enough to make you fall in love? A layer of sweet, fatty milk foam mixed with fragrant coffee drops creates a truly unforgettable taste.

Black Tea Latte
Jasmine Green Tea Latte
Matcha Latte
Tiger Boba Latte
Taro Tiger Boba Latte ($6.40)

Coffee $5.75

Bring your mood back by drinking our coffee which is made from high-quality coffee beans to keep the original taste. Your mood is back even when you start smelling the aroma.

Caramel Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Vanilla Coffee
Vietnamese Coffee

Hot Drinks $5.75

Each drop of pure ginger tea with its characteristic taste and irresistible aroma is enough to awaken all senses, letting you start a new day full of excitement.

Ginger Tea
Ginger Milk Tea

Smoothie $6.40

Smoothie is a unique way to eat fruits and vegetables. It is also effective for those who are in a diet program. Our smoothie will make you have an amazing experience of eating fruits and vegetables.

Passion Fruit
Black Sesame
Cookies & Cream
Top Fruit

Slush $6.00

Passion Fruit
Milk Tea (any flavor)
Coffee (any flavor)

Yakult/Yogurt $5.95

Are you on your diet or healthy eating plan? We support you by offering high-quality yogurt. This product shows the way we care about your health. Starting a healthy lifestyle is never been this easier.

Passion Fruit Yakult/Yogurt
Lychee Yakult/Yogurt
Mango Yakult/Yogurt
Strawberry Yakult/Yogurt
Dragon Fruit Yakult/Yogurt

Topping $0.95

After choosing a favorite drink, don’t forget to add a variety of toppings rich with different flavors to complete your wonderful drink

Black Boba
Crystal Boba
Sea Cream
Egg Flan Pudding
Aloe Vera
Strawberry Popping
Passion Fruit Popping
Green Apple Popping
Rainbow Jelly
Coffee Jelly
Lychee Jelly
Strawberry Jelly
Mango Popping
Mango Jelly
Sugar Levels
Ice Adjustments

Appetizer $6.99

Appetizers with diverse options and rich flavors will make you fall in love on the first try.

Spring Roll
Grilled Pork Spring Roll
Egg Roll
Fried Shrimp
Lemon Chicken Appetizer ($9.99)

Mochidonut $3.50

Half Dozen ($17)
1 Dozen ($32)

Vermicelli $15.99

Vermicelli Grill Pork BBQ
Vermicelli Grill Pork-Egg Roll

Corn Dog $6.99

Original Corn Dog
Hot Cheetos Corn Dog
Ramen Corn Dog
Potato Corn Dog
Cheese Cheetos Corn Dog
Corn Flakes Corn Dog

Vietnamese Sandwiches $8.50

Crispy hot crust, rich filling, and delicious sauce with authentic flavors. All delicately blended, bringing an unforgettable experience

*Buy 10 Get 1 FREE !!!

Vietnamese Grill Pork
Grilled Pork Sandwich
Combination Sandwich

Noodle Soup $15.99

The rich aroma and flavor of the broth, every fiber of the meat, along with the harmonious blend of ingredients. You will be satisfied for sure.

(*1 size only)

Pho Dac Biet

(Rice noodle soup with combination: brisket, meat ball, eye round steak)

Pho Chin Nac

(Noodle soup with brisket)

Pho Tai

(Noodle soup with round steak)

Pho Tai Chin Nac

(Noodle soup with brisket and eye round steak)

Pho Chin Nac, Bo Vien

(Noodle soup with brisket and meat balls)

Pho Tai, Bo Vien

(Noodle soup with eye round steak and meat balls)

Pho Bo Vien

(Noodle soup with meat balls only)

Pho Ga

(Noodle soup with chicken)

Pho Tom

(Noodle soup with shrimp)

Pho Tofu, Rau Cai

(Noodle soup with tofu and mix vegetable)


In case you plan to go with a large number of people or organize a party, you are recommended to make a reservation in advance.

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