Tea House Pho Banh Mi

Located conveniently in San Antonio, TX 78221, Tea House Pho Banh Mi was established with the desire to bring customers cups of drinks and diverse foods that are both delicious and irresistible

Milk Tea

Sweet, full of milk, fragrant with the smell of tea. The two flavors of tea and milk together create a wonderful drink, bringing an irresistible attraction to anyone, from children to adults.


Smoothie is a unique way to eat fruits and vegetables. It is also effective for those who are in a diet program. Our smoothie will make you have an amazing experience of eating fruits and vegetables.


Are you on your diet or healthy eating plan? We support you by offering high-quality yogurt. This product shows the way we care about your health. Starting a healthy lifestyle is never been this easier.

Choose your flavorite

Delicious food that brings people together!

Every drink and mochi donut at Tea House Pho Banh Mi has an exceptional taste that every time you try, you will have a great experience.

It's waiting for you

A wonderful world of flavors!!!

To recharge for a new day, don’t forget to visit Tea House Pho Banh Mi and enjoy your favorites right away!

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