A great destination for your choice

Located conveniently in San Antonio, TX 78221, Tea House Pho Banh Mi was established with the desire to bring customers cups of drinks and diverse foods that are both delicious and irresistible. Here, a cozy space and professional staff are ready to welcome you all!

Delicious taste

Every drink and food at Tea House Pho Banh Mi has an exceptional taste that every time you try it, you will have a great experience.

Are you a fan of fresh tea, refreshing fruit tea, or a fan of milk tea and tasty yogurt? Do you prefer cold tea or hot drinks? Do you like sweet or mild taste?

Our friendly staff is confident that we can satisfy you with custom-made flavors.

Ensure food safety and hygiene

Tea House Pho Banh Mi is always committed to using the cleanest, safest ingredients with the best fresh tea leaves imported from high-quality tea gardens, and creams, milk, fruits, powder. etc… are carefully selected and preserved.

You can be assured of fully enjoying your favorites without worrying about the origin and quality of the product.

It's waiting for you

A wonderful world of flavors!!!

To recharge for a new day, don’t forget to visit Tea House Pho Banh Mi and enjoy your favorites right away!